Transformer Purchase Guide

Our Transformer purchase guide will provide you valuable information and help you in selecting the right voltage transformer and  power converter for your device. Electrical voltage in USA is 110 volt whereas the voltage in most of the foreign countries is 220v to 240 volt. A voltage converter / transformer  is required to convert the Input voltage (electricity coming out of the wall) to match the voltage of your device. These transformers or converters can be used safely with all electronics. Refrigerators, Microwaves, Juicers, Blenders, Coffee makers, Power Tools, Stereo Systems, TV's, Video Games, DVDs, Hair dryers, Chargers, computers and other electronics when travelling or relocating abroad.


How do I know if I need a Step Up or a Step Down Voltage Converter or a Transformer?

When you travel from US with your 110 volt device overseas to 220 volt countries(like Europe, Africa Asia etc), You will need a Step Down Transformer or a Converter.
When you travel from a 220 volt country(Europe/Asia) to USA, you will need a Step Up Transformer or a Converter.
Also, there are Step UP/Down Transformers and converters available that work both as Step Up and Step Down. You will find a wide variety of Step Up/down Transformers and converters on our website ranging from 50 Watt to 20,000 Watts. These transformers enable the use of your electric devices anywhere in the world.

Remember to leave at least a 100% margin for power surges/spikes when buying a transformer. Some items, such as televisions and computer monitors have a big spike when you turn them on. For these products, you need to buy a voltage converter transformer that is at least 3 times the item's capacity. For Power tools, laser printers, and heating appliances like coffee makers, Rice cookers, toasters, Microwaves, Lasers, Halogen or fluorescent bulbs you must leave a margin of 3-4 times the rated wattage. It doesn't hurt to buy a transformer that is rated much higher than the listed watts on your device.

Our voltage transformers are made to convert Single Phase 110 or 220 volt. American 220 Volt consists of 2 phase of 110 Volt and European 220 Volt consists of 1 phase of 220 volt. These transformers will not work for American 2- phase (two hot legs) 220 Volt power.

Volts x Amps = Watts (i.e. 110V x 0.5 AMPS = 55W). Please make sure not to run any appliance with higher wattage then voltage transformer's wattage. This might damage both your appliance and the transformer!